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From a Babe: A Weekly Devotional
available in paperback at all major online bookstores and on the Kindle

The 52-week devotional clarifies scriptures, helping new and stalled Christians learn biblical principles and strengthen their faith. I incorporate my own life lessons, making it a realistic, relatable source of friendly, actionable guidance, and move readers with stirring poetry each week.




From a Babe Small Group Bible Study Workbook front coverFrom a Babe: A Weekly Devotional Small Group Bible Study builds on actionable foundational concepts in the From a Babe weekly devotional with critical questions that deepen your study of God’s Word and spur spirited group discussion.





Front cover for new YA/NA suspense-espionage crossover ebook "Abstracted: Episode 1 of the Tenderfoot Series", available on the Kindle, Cover designed by the author, Mellissa Thomas.Abstracted: Episode 1 of the Tenderfoot Series

International Supremacy Bureau agent Maia Highland hates wild goose chases, and hates men even more, so when she’s assigned her first ever partner, hulking veteran agent and profiler Roy Chambers, she is none too pleased. To make matters worse, the duo is tasked with finding the Bureau’s latest target: a faceless, mysterious woman using the alias “Tenderfoot”; and Maia soon learns there’s more to this case than the routine recon reports when an assassin attacks the partners on their way to their latest recon rendezvous point in Naples, Italy.

Already a month into their five-month investigation, the last thing Maia and Roy need is a delay, because the Bureau won’t accept failure. But if the first 48 hours of their latest recon mission are any indication, they’re in for a rude awakening.


Faded Diamonds book cover Faded Diamonds

The Godhand Women’s Home houses two hundred of South Florida’s most desperate young women, and what begins as Leila Sudders’ refuge from her turbulent past quickly becomes a distorted mirror of her own darkness, so she does what she does best as she awaits her child’s birth: close up.

But despite her waning efforts, her toughness carves a path of treacherous consequence that intensifies as her due date draws near, which erupts when she crosses four other desperate people suffering from borderline personality disorder, PTSD, and schizophrenia. In the midst of the fray, thirtysomething missionary counselor Diana fights tooth and nail to offer the young residents the strength to overcome their challenges.

Faded Diamonds is now available in paperback at all major online bookstores, and is digitally available on the Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and iBookstore (iTunes)



Front cover for "Crooked Beauty: Words on Our Imperfect Life"Crooked Beauty: Words on Our Imperfect Life

Life happens. How do you put it into words? From love and family, desperation, social outcries, and bad decisions to questions about the afterlife, this new provocative poetry collection verbalizes your deepest feelings, and might even introduce you to some new experiences.




Front cover for new YA/NA suspense-espionage ebook "In the Rough: Episode 2 of the Tenderfoot Series", now available on the Kindle. Cover designed by the author, Mellissa Thomas.In the Rough: Episode 2 of the Tenderfoot Series

The first 48 hours in Naples saw International Supremacy Bureau Agents Maia Highland and Roy Chambers face death on more than one occasion. Now, with the help of ISB’s Europe Lead Agent Evan Knightley, the duo’s race to find Tenderfoot intensifies given the untimely murder of Italy’s top ranking military official, who was involved in the case, and the treacherous quest for the truth behind the cryptic video message on Highland’s computer.


More books are coming, including the stunning updated edition of From a Babe: A Weekly Devotional, which releases September 22, 2015.



E.i. Geek marries the entertainment industry (“E.i.”) and entrepreneurship and makes them play nice together, especially since the business is comprised of many ‘treps (published authors, recording artists, indie filmmakers). You’ll find industry news, ‘trep interviews, book reviews, and tips to help you up your game.

Growin’ Narrow: What began as a blog for all my books, including the weekly devotional I released at the time, From a Babe: A Weekly Devotional, is now From a Babe‘s and Crooked Beauty’s dedicated blog, offering devotional and poetry snippets from the books, and posts that give readers a potent, rousing espresso shot of Truth to increase their spiritual growth.

The Tenderfoot Files is the home of my episodic (ebook) Tenderfoot suspense series, featuring series updates, thriller, suspense, and mystery novel reviews, and commentary on the genres. You can even get into the characters’ minds with fun and insightful Time Magazine-style interviews.

Ready University is Ready Inc.’s company blog, providing insightful articles for new entrepreneurs and startups, including news, tips, and hacks on branding, marketing, leadership, social media and content marketing, and features entrepreneurs moving their business to the next level.


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Orlando Fashion Magazine is an online magazine featuring indie fashion designers, models, celebrities, stylists, and artists across the country. It also offers value-packed articles on fashion trends, events, health and wellness, and business in an edgy, no-nonsense, and humorous way.

Elegance Digital Magazine celebrates the strength, diversity, and beauty of women all over the world, and discusses the challenges they face. It features inspiring stories of women making a difference in their community, in politics, in business, and in their families.

Florida National News is a fresh new daily online newspaper that covers news across Florida, the nation, and the world; and promises to be the next Huffington Post.



I’ve had the honor of co-writing two award-winning scripts with 1st Dibz Productions CEO James Hunter.

Juxed poster“Juxed”, a short urban drama inspired by true events, follows Vanessa Barlow, a young woman whose desire for adulthood lures her into the darkest corners of crime and prostitution.

You can check it out here.



Breaking Point movie poster“Breaking Point”, a short film, inures you in the drama of a defendant on his last leg of sanity in the trial of his life. The “Breaking Point” short was produced in 2013, and became an award-winning crime drama feature, The Breaking Point, which acquired international DVD distribution in Winter 2014 and screened internationally at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival. You can view the feature trailer here.

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