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Super-busy Advisors, Coaches, Consultants, Entrepreneurs, and Experts:


Here’s How to Use This 1 Missing Asset to Finally 2x Your Business Revenue, Raise Your Rates and Charge What You’re Really Worth So You Can Be Seen As THE Authority in Your Niche and Live the Life You’ve Always Wanted


Want to know the single greatest tool to promote and market your business, give you celebrity status, and attract better customers?

A course? Close, perhaps in the future, but no.

Social media? It’s a helpful tool, but not the greatest.

Audio? Close again, but no.

This tool can help you reach more people more quickly because it works on and off the Internet, across all business sectors and types (including brick-and-mortar), has international appeal, and can be timeless.

It can make reaching your favorite influencers a lot easier, and better still, it can elevate you to their level (or secure your status if you’re already there).

It can cause the press to hunt you down instead of you having to make your case to them.

It can be the genesis for a new business or be born from an existing one.

And most importantly, it gives you immediate access to an elite group of people nationwide.

What’s this awesome tool?

A book. Your book.

So what “elite group” do I mean? You’ve probably heard the New York Times statistic that 81% of people in the U.S. say they want to write a book someday or think they have a book in them…

But here’s the rub: Forbes recently reported only 0.3% actually write their book.

Less than one percent!

Now, at first glance, that’s shameful. But from another perspective, that means the odds are in your favor.

You can be among the legendary 0.3%.


Right now, you’ve hit a ceiling in your business, your consulting or coaching practice, or your speaking rates…

Your business is your baby, so when it stops growing, you know something’s wrong.

Or more specifically, something’s missing.

Given the amazing work you do, you have at least one book within you, right?

If you answered yes, then you owe it to the world–and more importantly yourself–to get it out there.


“I do not believe that any of us have dreams that were not given to us for the purpose of accomplishing those particular dreams.” – Les Brown


The same goes for your desire to publish a book. That’s no accident.


Now, I know what you’re thinking.

When it comes to writing a book, you think that:

  • Your book has to be perfect before you publish it
  • You have be a stellar writer (or hire an expensive ghostwriter)
  • You have to carve out whole days to write in order to get the book done
  • You have to be tech-savvy to publish your book

But really, you don’t need any of these things.

Completing your book is now much easier and faster than ever, enabling you to fulfill your calling to impact as many people in this world as you can.

Even if:

  • You have no book idea yet
  • You absolutely dread writing, or can’t write well at all
  • You don’t FEEL ready or worthy to publish a book
  • Time doesn’t seem to be on your side
  • Tech is NOT your friend


**What if I mentored you step-by-step–from crafting your idea all the way through each stage of creation, to publication and beyond?

**What if you could glean from my 5 years of publishing experience and know EXACTLY what to avoid?


Ronald Grant, Journalist and Public Relations Specialist“I was extremely impressed with her calm demeanor, but also her quiet tenacity to do great work. Mellissa is always involved in projects in which she can improve her skills and learn something new, but where she can also help others do the same.”

Ronald Grant, Brand Strategist, Journalist, and Public Relations/Public Affairs Professional


You see, I not only want to help you to create an asset once and have it work for you for the rest of your life, but I want to arm you with the strategies to repeat the same success over and over again.

And that’s very possible for you.



The Inevitable AUTHORity™ Author Mentoring Program

In 2 60-minute calls per month over 3 months, you’ll discover:

Book Building: Creating a crystal clear plan for your book so that you’re free and fearless to take action on the writing process right away (you don’t have to be a writer!)

Mindset: Uncovering the hidden challenges sabotaging the growth of your authority so that you can finally crush them

Marketing: Learning how to clinch the ultimate bragging right: bestselling author status

Bonus #1: Access to the Inevitable AUTHORity™ Insiders group

Bonus #2: Done-for-you manuscript editing ($800 value)

Bonus #3: Done-for-you book interior design ($200 value)

Bonus #4: Done-for-you cover design ($500 value)…

(…So that you have the satisfaction of finishing your book faster without worrying about hiring separate outside people to get it done, which costs more money and time)

Mentoring Options


Jose Medina, Founder, Evoking Films“Mellissa is a true professional! She is [highly] skilled…and meets the deadline. I highly recommend Mellissa for your writing production!”– Jose Medina, Cinematographer and Creative Director, Evoking Films


Here’s what’s in it for you:

  • More quickly creating an indelible impact on thousands more lives that will outlive you
  • Finally being able to raise your rates and your have ideal clients GLADLY pay it
  • Get the media, event planners, and people you encounter to acknowledge you as an authority
  • Earn 2x the income and the recognition you’ve always wanted…and deserve



What would you expect to invest in a mentoring program package like this?

Some charge $6,000+, or worse, $12,000 and up to ghostwrite your book for you.

That’s not the case here. Your book, your content, your voice.

Your investment for this high content, 3-month step-by-step program?

$6,000 ONLY $4,500!

 (save when you full-pay => $3,497)

Choose the path to your inevitable authority below.

Mentoring Options




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